Stephen by Crespella

Hello,I'm Stephen Smith,Web Developer.

JavaScript / ReactJS / Node

A bit about me

I am a UX Engineer who also enjoys DevOps and AdOps. My primary focus is JavaScript development. In addition to client side technologies I also have experience with Node and Express. I lean more towards unopinionated solutions that don't dictate app architecture too much such as React, MobX, and EcmaScript Decorator Solutions(This site uses the Ts.ED framework).
If you'd like to read more about my professional credentials feel free to checkout my LinkedIn. You can find my résumé here(DOC) or here(PDF). Also feel free to contact me via email.

What I've coded in and for how long

Since late 2014 I've been keeping track of my daily coding habits using WakaTime which allows me to determine how long exactly I spend on specific files. This comes in handy when determining whether or not I need to build a tool around configuring specific components.
The chart below shows how long I've coded in my top languages over the .
More to come.