Hello,I'm Stephen SmithWeb Developer

JavaScript / ReactJS / Node

About Me

I am a Web Developer who also enjoys DevOps and AdOps. My primary focus is JavaScript development. In addition to client side technologies I also have experience with Node and Express.

If you'd like to read more about my professional credentials feel free to checkout my LinkedIn. You can find my résumé here(DOC) or here(PDF).

My Experience

My current title is Web Developer for the Central Ad Technology team at ViacomCBS. I am the lead developer for a central ad intelligence library distributed to 10+ properties (including CNET, CBS Sports, CBS News, TV Guide), serving 20+ million users per day.

Prior to my current role I was a Senior Front End Developer for Comicbook.com & PopCulture.com. Before that I was a Front End Developer for Trakref.

Since 2014 I have been tracking my coding statistics. The chart below shows how long I've coded in my top languages over the .
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